My Favourite Hawaii


By Michaela Lehmann


Aloha Friends!


After I travelled to Hawaii in 1994 first time I was spoiled… thereafter, I had difficulties spending my vacation in any other place. Hawaii spoiled me…. the beauty of nature, the way nature was respected by people and the traditions that again showed that great respect of nature, the hula …


… I went to Hawaii nearly on a yearly basis and got to know most of the islands. I have done wonderful hikes, learned how to do leis and some hula. Never I booked an all-inklusive trip but learned through booking flights and overnights separately that you are able to experience the best of Hawaii, untouched nature.


Meanwhile, I found a Hula group in Germany and was able to learn the basics of  the hula, my favourite being the kahiko, the old traditional dance.


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Wall picture in an elevator, Honolulu